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Terrarium Therapy's preferred carrier is UPS. On average, each shipment usually takes from 1 to 5 days. We currently ship throughout the United States and Canada. International shipments, although more costly, are available upon request to accommodate your team's experience! If shipping live plants to a particular country is prohibited, we can partner with a plant shop in your guests' city to ensure they will receive a plant kit, but keep in mind that the plant kit from an international plant shop may not be exact to the project selected through Terrarium Therapy's virtual workshop catalog. Offering this service has been highly successful in offering an inclusive event for all! We partner with like-minded businesses who offer a plant kit substitute with the same great quality and customer service you would expect from Terrarium Therapy.  We handle all of the coordinating and delivery for international shipments and deliveries. For more information on international shipping or general event questions, please inquire via email:

If you receive a package from us that has been damaged, please send an email to Providing a picture of the damaged item(s), will help us identify the plant and/or kit damage and allow us to make a decision based on the information provided. Terrarium Therapy will replace damaged plants or kit items that were harmed during transit, however, we cannot replace plants that were left in the box, or unattended to for several days. Prior to shipments, a care guide is sent to all recipients, and we ask that all packages are opened prior to our online workshops. We provide recipients with an email containing detailed instructions on how to care for their package before and after the event. Plants that are neglected to be removed from packages prior to online events will not be refunded. 


We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. ACH payments are available upon special request. 

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